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Design Sciences Laboratory

by kseasingapore

분야: 항공우주 기계공학 (Chemical and Biomedical Engineering)

Design Sciences Laboratory

Design Sciences Laboratory focuses on applying sciences and economic theory to the design of customized and sustainable products, services and systems, strategic and multidisciplinary design optimization, data mining, advanced modeling and simulation, design for additive manufacturing/3D printing, embedded sensor design for 3D Printing, smart factory, digital twins, and redesign and remanufacturing for green technologies.

Principal Investigator: 문승기 (Seung Ki Moon)

Website: https://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/skmoon/index.html


Email: SKMOON@ntu.edu.sg

Tel: +65 6790 5599

Address: Design and Human Factor Laboratory (MAE) Block N3.2 N3.2-B1-02 65 Nanyang Drive Singapore 637460